Terms of Sale

Terms & Conditions of Sale: GENERAL TERMS: By Purchasing equipment from Centra Corporation, the buyer agrees to all the terms and conditions listed and any other terms expressly added to this invoice. PRICES: All Prices are in U.S. Currency (Dollars). Prices are exclusive of state, county or federal taxes. Any taxes shall be paid by the buyer in addition to the quoted purchase price. FEES: Any Bank Fees incurred by Centra Corp. for Wire Transfers, Letter of Credits, or Bad Check charges are the responsibility of the buyer and will be billed back to the buyer. DELIVERY DATES: While every effort will be made to meet quoted or verbal delivery dates, those dates are estimated target dates only. Date of delivery is not guaranteed as those delivery dates are necessarily subject to fire, strikes, or labor trouble, storms, acts of governmental authority, acts of public enemies, freight embargo, acts of God, and the like. ACCEPTANCE: All proposals and acceptances of orders are made with the mutual understanding that orders are not subject to cancellation, and that a deposit is REQUIRED within 7 calendar days or this invoice is invalid. TERMS: Deposit of 25% with order, balance due prior to shipment or within 14 days of order unless otherwise arranged with Centra Corp. Failure to provide Centra with balance within the 14 day period forfeits any deposit and voids the invoice. RETURN PRIVILEGE TERMS: Return Privilege is only on machinery sold at full advertised price, unless otherwise noted. On machines sold with a return privilege, (this will be indicated on the front of your invoice, does not apply to machinery sold "AS IS, or AS INSPECTED) If Machinery proven to be mechanically unsatisfactory, you may return it within 30 calendar days from date of shipment, freight pre-paid for a refund of the purchase price or it will be repaired to quoted condition, at Centra Corporations Discretion only. Machine must be returned in the condition it was received in. This does not include machinery where Centra acts as a Broker or where otherwise stated . Centra is not responsible for any damage due to weather, riggers, trucking, or any damage involved in transport, loading , unloading or situations beyond Centra Corporations control. CLAIMS: Any and all claims for errors in merchandise must be made in writing immediately upon receipt of goods; no credit will be allowed on returned goods without Centra Corporations permission. It is expressly agreed that the Buyers sole and exclusive remedy for any claims arising under this agreement against Seller shall be limited to return of goods and repayment of purchase price or to repair or replacement of goods at Centras option. In no event shall Centra be responsible or liable for special or consequential damages. WARRANTY: The goods described are pre-owned used goods and are offered "As Is" unless otherwise noted on the invoice. Seller makes no warranties of any kind whatever, expressed or implied, of merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. All specifications, descriptions of said goods are approximate only. It is the buyers responsibility to inspect goods and ascertain all aspects of the goods conform to the buyers requirements, and for this reason - the buyer should make every effort to inspect machinery prior to purchase. Centra Reserves the right to correct any typographical errors. MACHINE USE & SAFETY: Buyer acknowledges that the goods on the invoice are pre-owned goods which were neither designed or manufactured by Centra Corporation, nor does Centra have any knowledge, or control over the prior use or misuse of said goods. Nor does Centra have any control or knowledge of the future use of the goods by the buyer. By purchasing the machinery on the invoice, the buyer, his employees, assigns or agents; agrees not to exceed the manufacturers design specifications, whether known or unknown. It is the Buyers responsibility to provide the proper safety equipment, devices and instructions for any particular use, and to take the necessary steps to conform to all to all Federal, State and Local safety standards including OSHA. INDEMNIFICATIONBuyer agrees to hold harmless, indemnify and defend seller, its subsidiaries, affiliates or agents from any and all claims or liabilities involving or alleged to involve these goods which are caused by acts or omissions of the buyer, his employees, assigns or agents. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These terms & conditions, together with the provisions on the invoice, are intended by the Seller and the Buyer to be a complete and exclusive statement of the terms of the agreement, and such agreement may not be modified, amended or waived except by a writing with reference to this subject and superseded by this agreement. Seller shall not be bound to any terms of sale set forth herein unless the same shall be specifically agreed to in writing by an authorized officer of Centra Corporation. Seller objects to provisions contained in Buyer’s forms which are different or in addition to the terms herein. Buyer’s purchase order is accepted expressly conditional on the buyers assent to the terms and conditions, as the complete and exclusive statement of the terms of this agreement, which assent shall be manifested by buyer’s accepting or retaining possession of the goods described on this invoice. 


Terms of Use, Website Content, And Privacy Disclosure Statement

Terms of Use: Centra is pleased to allow anyone to view this website for personal or business purposes. Users are encouraged to download files and print the content of this site as long as the "Content" of the site is not used for commercial purposes or defamation of Centra Corporation or any of it's employees.Website Content: All "Content", images, files, and programs are the sole property of Centra Corporation, or are used with permission of the makers. This content is only to be used as an incorporation of this website, and is not to be used for any other purpose, commercial or private. This site may contain typographical errors, errors in specifications, prices and broken or missed links. The inventory section is automatically generated by a computer program, and we cannot control errors out of our control. Items Priced at $0, $1 or just marked at $ are not free, it is an error from our program because that item hasn't been priced yet or the customer wants an offer. Centra expressly denies any claims to accuracy. Specifications are offered mearly as a guide and are approximate only. All Specifications should be verified by the customer before purchase. Centra reserves the right to correct typographical errors and any incorrect specifications. All machine quotes are subject to prior sale, availabilty and price may change without notice. Centra strives to keep this site updated, but it reserves the right to update it at our convenience. Privacy Disclosure Statement: Centra itself, does not track "hits", record IP addresses, email addresses, send pings, finger clients, or use cookies. Centra has no control over how our website provider uses hits to our Website, for more information please visit www.ionos.com to see their Disclosure Statement or contact them at: 484-254-5555. Centra may contact customers who actively contact Centra; either via email, phone, mail, fax or by filling out a quote request or one of our web forms. By actively contacting Centra - you will be added to our computer database. Once added you may be contacted by a salesman, receive fax, receive mail (including catalogs) or receive an email, Usually 1 per quarter. Centra is dedicated to customer satisfaction. Anyone wishing to be removed from our database can contact us at any time for immediate, "No Questions Asked" removal.

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