Category: Tumble Blast Cleaning and Shot Peening

6 cu.ft. Wheelabrator Tumble Blaster



Wheelebrator brand 6 cu. ft. rubber belt direct drive shot blaster. Serial #A135437. This blaster contains a rubber belt that looks almost new. The blast blades and wear plates are in good shape. This is a direct drive blaster in which the blade set is attached directly to the drive shaft coming out of the blast motor. The blaster throws shot downward with an elevator style shot recovery system replenishing the shot back to a reservoir and release system above the blades. Pneumatically operated door for loading and unloading. Electronics of this machine were recently tested and all is in working order.
7'W x 5'D x 16'H
Equipped With:
Direct Drive
Upgraded electronics
Under power
Must be dissasebled to move
Needs advanced time to load
No dust collector

There are no spare parts,
Still Under Power

Inside Dimensions is
30.25" Diameter
38" Left to right
34" Back to front
Cylindrical chamber

Impeller is directly driven from motor shaft

Rigging is required to load.

Email Phone Address
[email protected] (410) 945-0040 824 Comer Square, Bel Air, MD, 21014-6812, US