10' x 5/8" Davi Hydraulic 3 Roll Plate Bending Rolls




The most common design in the plate roll market, with a fixed top roll, 
the two side rolls swing up for pre-bending and rolling. Costing less than a four roll, the MCO three roll double pinch can roll plates from 15-20 mm

(5/8 - 3/4 inch) thickness, up to 80-100 mm (3 - 4 Inch), or more,
ideal for limited production volumes."


The MCO uses both side rolls to prepend the plate, called "double pinch"
therefore both ends of the plate can be pre-bent without removing the
material from the machine (impossible on any single initial pinch,
asymmetric designed machine). As the side rolls raise and lower to
pre-bend the two edges, the large free access allows to form high stock
bar through the rolls, compared to other roll designs.


The MCO has three independently powered rolls, mounted directly to each
roll shaft to offer the market's most powerful torque transmission available. This ensures excellent plate feeding without the risk of plate

slipping. Standard feature on other brands offer only the top roll OR only
the two side rolls powered, making thin, narrow or large diameter
cylinders hard to properly feed. Optional auxiliary motors can be offered
on request, but these are small and without much power.


All three rolls are safely braked efficiently, automatically and
hydraulically instead of using low efficiency, consumable brake linings
common to other brands.

Capacity10' x 5/8"
Motor18 HP 460v/60

Equipped With:

Hydraulic Drop End

> Less than 100 hours of use! There is barely a mark on this machine..

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